Artistic Work

Arnold Reinthaler’s installation “Tomorrow” on the roof of the building is an artistic attempt to visualize the Future.

The artistic intervention of Peter Sandbichler “Haus mit Augenbrauen” lets the VARTA house shine in its old glory and transfers the façade from the year 1868 into the 21st century. Whereas Ronald Kodritsch’s life-sized sculpture with the titel “reason to believe” poses the question: “Where do I get, if I take one step ahead?”

On top, the idea of the future is also reflected in the interior of the house by means of the light installation “innovation”, designed by Brigitte Kowanz, displayed in the entrance area.

Diverse research projects in energy generation and saving are developed and carried out by VARTA. Therefore, the question of alternative energy production is the most frequently asked one in the “house of tomorrow”, where answers are being sought.